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Education is very important thing in our time. That is why young people must regard to the education with all seriousness. Very often their future life depend from it. Students need to make many different task in schools, colleges and universities. Written works is a big part of their education. That is why each student must know demands for every work. First of all, you need to select a topic for your work. It must be interesting not only for you, but for your audience too. Only in this case, your work will have the success. The next, you should remember that each work has the following parts such as an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. The introduction is a beginning of your work. And you should remember that your main task of this part is to attract reader’s attention. That is why you can use funny stories, anecdotes, proverbs and sayings, quotes and so on. The main body divides into few paragraphs. Each paragraph can show some point of view according to the topic. You also need to show your own point of view and give the persuasive arguments for support it. You need to keep to all rules of writing. You can select your individual style of writing and follow it. You can use the following sources of information in your work such as reference books, encyclopedias, fiction literature, textbooks, newspapers and journals, publications and articles, etc. In conclusion, you need to sum up all materials and make an accent on the key ideas of your work. You must be very careful when you write your work, and try to avoid grammatical, lexical and punctuation errors. Because very often your evaluation depends on it.

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