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Writing papers is a complicated assignment for each person. In modern educational institutions students need to write different tasks every day. But there are such works which need a lot of time. It can be term papers, research papers, degree theses, dissertations and so on. These works need not only time, but also necessary knowledge. Often students also must write essays and reports on various topics. Each essay includes such components as an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. But before you start to write the introduction, you need to determine a topic of your work. The correct choice of topic is one step to the success. That is why the topic must be meaningful, informative and interesting for you and your readers. In the introduction, you need to write the main idea of your future text in short form. It must attract attention to your paper. The main body of work consists of several sections or paragraphs, everything depends on the kinds of written work. You need to show different points of view in this part and, of course, your own opinion according to the chosen topic. You can use interesting stories and funny anecdotes, quotations, saying and proverbs, etc. It will be interesting for your readers. If you want to get a high mark, you should pick up exciting and checked information. You can use such sources of information as scientific publications and articles, fiction literature, encyclopedias, reference books, magazines and newspapers, textbooks, documentary and educational films, and so on. In conclusion, you should systematize and generalize all materials which you used in your work.

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