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Students often need to create different kinds of written works such as essays, reports, term papers, research papers, dissertations, qualification projects and so on. The essay is the most frequent task in schools, colleges and universities. Essay has the next structure: an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. When you start to work with the materials for your essays , you can use the following sources of information such as newspapers and journals, reference books, textbooks, fiction books, scientific publications and articles, educational and documentary films, video and audio records, etc. But firstly, you need to select a topic for your essay. As a rule, the topic of essay is one of the most painful problem of modern society. In the introduction, you need to draw attention to the chosen problem. You can use some proverbs or sayings, quotations or phrases of famous people which have some connection with your topic. The biggest part of your essay is the main body. This part divides into several paragraphs, which are connected with the help of one topic. But in each paragraph, you need to show some new facts according to the topic. You must remember that all information must be checked. You need to avoid inexactitudes and misunderstandings, and also lexical, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. The conclusion is also important part of your work. You need to sum up all used materials in short form.

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